Death, Hell, and the Grave

I have owned this domain for over a decade as of 2019, in the sincerest hope it should not be necessary. This is the landing page for our network. If your browser has the 'three keys' (Death, Hell, and the Grave) then you can see the member services. If not, then your name is not registered in "The Book of Life", our record of all persons who have been granted that privilege.

Initial Public Use
At onset, this site hosted three blogs which became the target of a child kidnapping for ransom by members of the community in Enid Oklahoma, Denton Texas, Fayetteville Arkansas, Tulsa Oklahoma, and nearby Dallas Texas and Oklahoma City.

Persons in Minnesota, Michigan, California, and the State of New York also aided inthis fraud to abduct and conceal a child in violation of a lawful possession by the father and in obstruction of ORDERED POSSESSION for return in 2002 obtained in automatic mistrial upon which the United States and its member states falsely relied to cover up the child kidnapping over 2001-2019. Elements in this fraud included also a London resident convicted of illegal surveilance of a minor during the 2015-2018 period of International industrial espionage and blackmail activity.

The child is now an adult, and we are going to talk about the human trafficking activity of the United States and its member states here.

Commercial Trademark
I own the trademark to the literary use of the word "STRYX", as shown in:

  • 1992 Business Card and Internet Publication Use
  • as well as the registered trademark

    Effort to make claims over this 1992-2019 use are fraud, and forfeit the rights of the nations engaging in that fraud under the Berne Convention. Learn More


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